One of the most likely places to see a celebrity in Los Angeles is at a restaurant and the restaurant that is most popular with celebrities in the area is The Ivy. This restaurant, located on North Robertson Boulevard features a lovely outdoor seating area that is not only great for dining but also seeing who Air Jordan Shoes For Sale is there. Some of celebrities that have been seen enjoying lunch here include Brad Pitt, Madonna and Lindsay Lohan, all of which have been seen here more than once.

Celebrities really aren that different from the rest of us when it comes to needing that cup of coffee every morning to get the day going. And because there are always lots of famous people in the Hollywood and Beverley Hills areas youe bound to see one going into or coming out of a local coffee shop. One of the best coffee shops to see celebrities at is the Starbucks that is located in Brentwood on San Vicente where it meets Bundy Drive. Singer Sheryl Crow is a well-known regular here.


Basketball games are another great place to see lots of celebrities that call LA their home. Both the LA Lakers and the LA Clippers play at the Staples Center located just 25 minutes north of Paramount. Some of the celebrities who are most often seen at these games include Adam Sandler, Diane Lane, Snoop Dogg, Spike Lee, Sean Combs, Charlize Theron, Chris Rock, Jack Nicholson, Jon Cryer and many, many others.